To promote our client’s business by using the proper media tactics to reach their end customer efficiently and effectively and ensure they have the right strategy. 

We work with corporations, franchises, and business owners to plan and implement customized advertising campaigns.


Our goal is to gain our client’s trust as a loyal partner in their success and expand the tools we offer them for advertising as well as the media channels.


At Zoom1 Media & Advertising, we are your partner and not just a media agency.  We strongly believe in caring for and looking after our clients’ interests as a passionate marketing advocate for our clients.

We are the Approachable agency; our service is personal and we are easily accessible to our clients and stakeholders. 

We are a Women Owned Business and All are welcome to benefit from our services.


The Role of Advertising is to Stimulate Demand for your Product or Service.

Who We Are

At Zoom1 Media, What we do for you goes beyond Advertising, We understand your Business, Learn about your Dreams and Goals, then Create a Plan that will help you Build Customer Relationships and Communicate your Customer Value through the proper Media Channel.   

“We implement Only Strategies that will produce results” is a rule we all live by at Zoom1 Media. Our Loyalty is to our Client first and only. 

“We are the Approachable Agency” because we are accessible at all times to our clientele, from our first meeting throughout the campaign and at any point beyond that.

Our President has set this standard for us and believes strongly in Personal Service and building relationships with all our stakeholders.

Our strength is the relationships we have with the senior executives in the different media channels such as TV, Radio, Digital, Social Media, Newspapers, Billboards, Outdoor, and others.  Due to these relationships we have built in the last 30 years in the industry, we are able to secure and negotiate great deals for our customers. 

We cover the U.S. & Canadian markets and quite familiar with their dynamics and the opportunities they offer when it comes to the different media channels.  Our expertise in this area is an added value we make available to our Clientele.  

We have extensive experience in how to work with media vendors to get the best value while building quality partnerships.  We are master negotiators with Mass Media, and ensure that you get the best value as Pricing varies from market to market.

What We Do

We provide an initial Free Consultation where we talk about Strategy, What is That Exactly?

First and foremost, we need to understand from the business owner what they would like to accomplish from this advertising campaign.  Clarity is essential for us to have a Successful Outcome. 

Usually, the reasons to Advertise are diverse and below are some key examples:

Brand Recognition

Increase Sales

Acquire New Customers

Introduce a Brand

Reminding Existing Clients


Introduction of New Service/Product

Create Awareness

Prompting Immediate Action

Create Interest

Building Image

Once a specific purpose for the campaign is defined, such as Acquire New Customers or Building Image, we build our strategy around that and focus our resources accordingly to achieve these goals.

The steps in developing an advertising strategy include:

  • Discovery meeting
    • Learn about the client’s business, Objectives, Target Customer
    • Establish a budget & set expectations 
  • Planning & Negotiation
    • Research on end-customer to determine where/how to target them
    • Identify optimal media & negotiate the best deal 
  • Proposal
    • Present optimal plan
    • Review and approve the plan
  • Campaign Management
    • Work with media partners to ensure proper execution
    • Monitor campaign and update the client regularly
  • Recap campaign and review results




Our website design process provides our clients with a nicer, cleaner look and image in the marketplace.

As a result, this will help them promote their products and services more effectively in the long term.


Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the traffic to your website organically, or without paying for that traffic.

We do that by addressing content, keyword optimization, ease of access to search engines and so on.

Lead Generation:

Email Marketing – to acquire new customers, engage current customers, and generate sales

Social media marketing – We design creative ads and schedule their placement on such platforms as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others

PPC marketing– implement PPC (pay per click) campaigns of internet marketing. Essentially, it’s a way of buying visits to your website, rather than attempting to “earn” those visits organically.


We have extensive experience of over 20 years working with franchises, most importantly managing the relationship between the franchisor and the franchisee and communication vis a vis maintaining the standards of the brand.

Plan the campaign, negotiate and implement customized media strategies tailored for Franchisees. 

Collaborate with franchisor marketing team to ensure the approach and creative ads are up to brand standards. 

Provide weekly reports of campaign performance and make adjustments as needed. 


We can create an online platform to evaluate your total marketing investment which is in Real-Time.

This analysis allows clients to identify those marketing tactics that are performing well and optimize their campaigns to execute at optimal efficiency.

We can generate reports on monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

We meet with you, interpret the data and help you make better marketing investment decisions

We provide our clients with comprehensive Advertising Campaigns based on their budget and help them achieve their goals.

Our Golden Policy is simple, we implement Only Strategies that will produce results.

We look after our Client’s Money as if it was ours, We are the Approachable Agency

At Zoom1 Media, We are your Partner, not just a media agency, We pride ourselves on being an extension of our client’s business and are committed to their success.

We Service Companies, Non-Profit and Franchises.

We are a Women Owned Business and All are welcome to benefit from our services.

We treat you with Dignity, Respect and Compassion.

For an Initial Free Consultation to Talk About Strategies for Your Business

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