The Influence of Streaming Video to Consumers


The more connected consumers get the more they are engaging with streaming video services.  According to the March 2021 Nielsen Audience Report; whether subscription based (such as Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video), ad supported or AVOD (such as Hulu or Peacock) or linear through cable provider apps.  Ad-Supported and linear streaming platforms have grown to account for over 33% of the total share of streaming in January 2021 (up from 28% in 2020).

66% of Adults 35-49 and 62% Adults 18-34 have stated they have taken notice of brands being used in the streaming content they have watched.  More importantly, 52% Adults 35-49 and 49% Adults 18-34 have been influenced to purchase said products.  That is over a 50% customer direct response among Adults 18-49!

What of the Baby Boomers?
According to the same report, 39% Adults 50+ have taken notice of the brands used in streaming content and of those, 24% Adults 50+ have a customer direct response.