Radio Advertising – Relevance in 2021

Radio Advertising – Relevance in 2021

The research is in!  According to the March 2021 Nielsen Audience Report, AM/FM radio continues to reinvent themselves remaining an extremely viable source for brand awareness, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Broadcast radio is growing with over 300 million Americans listening.  In 2021, radio now reaches 90% of adults on a weekly basis.  This is higher than Television and Smartphone usage.

In 2020, Americans spent 11.8 hours a week listening to the radio (WhyRadio) compared to the less than 6 hours a week they spent watching Television.  Now compare the 11.8 hours a week of listening to Americans on average spend over 7 hours a week commuting to and from work by car. 77% of the population still commute despite COVID-19 and 67% of those commuters are listening to AM/FM radio.  Terrestrial radio is overwhelmingly the dominant audio companion!

Recent Edison Research shows AM/FM Radio offers unique opportunities for listeners that entertains, informs and educates.  When advertising on broadcast radio, you are reaching more than one type of audience.  Whether it is to tune in for traffic, news, weather or loyal listeners engaging with their favorite DJ’s. It is a great place for your brand to reach consumers.  You can easily customize your branding and DRIVE your customers to your business!

There are SIX types of radio listeners to target with your advertising message and 46% of ALL listeners report a direct response!

May 17, 2022

Franchise Workshop: How to Drive Traffic and Boost Revenue

If you own food, massage, pet franchise or any business that relies on foot traffic, you know that there are certain days of the week that are busier than others. If only you had a way to entice customers to your store on those slow days. Find out how a familiar technology can now be used to drive traffic and deliver promotions to your valued customers INSTANTLY. And no, this is not an expensive app. This technology can cost as little as $240 per year. Discover how this simple, inexpensive investment can help boost your bottom line.