To promote our client’s business by using the proper media tactics to reach their end customer efficiently and effectively and ensure they have the right strategy. 

We work with corporations, franchises, and business owners to plan and implement customized advertising campaigns.


Our goal is to gain our client’s trust as a loyal partner in their success and expand the tools we offer them for advertising as well as the media channels.


At Zoom1 Media & Advertising, we are your partner and not just a media agency.  We strongly believe in caring for and looking after our clients’ interests as a passionate marketing advocate for our clients.

We are the Approachable agency; our service is personal and we are easily accessible to our clients and stakeholders. 

We are a Women Owned Business and All are welcome to benefit from our services.

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What We Do

We are an Advertising Agency.  We provide you with a Strategy for Media Placement which actually means that we prepare for you a proposal on how to spend your advertising money, where to spend it, when to spend, and what best media channel to use for your specific business: Online Ads, TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, SEO, Social Media and the sort.  We also manage your advertising campaign and negotiate with the Senior Executives in the media industry to get you the best Return on your Investment.

At Zoom1 Media & Advertising, our experienced team have implemented successful campaigns in over 130+ markets throughout the U.S. and Canada. So whether you are in New York or California, or somewhere in between, we leverage optimum value for your advertising investment. We integrate several platforms from Digital to Traditional media including Social media campaigns, Google Ad words, Email campaigns, Radio, TV, Outdoor or Streaming TV/Audio.

We provide our clients with comprehensive Advertising Campaigns based on their budget and help them achieve their goals.

Our Golden Policy is simple, we implement Only Strategies that will produce results.

We at Zoom1 have a fiduciary responsibility to manage our client’s marketing investment as if it were our own.  We are the Approachable Agency

At Zoom1 Media, We are your Partner, not just a media agency, We pride ourselves on being an extension of our client’s business and are committed to their success.

We Service Companies, Non-Profit and Franchises.

We are a Women Owned Business and All are welcome to benefit from our services.

We treat you with Dignity, Respect, and Compassion.

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